About Me


Dani Simone is an Atlanta-based lifestyle model, writer, and holistic health enthusiast. At the early age of seven she discovered her passion for writing fiction. As she grew older she immersed herself in the world of poetry where she currently resides along with a more recent interest in songwriting. Throughout her childhood Dani Simone was often ailed with sickness which motivated her to be proactive in maintaining optimum health. Diet change, exercise, and self-care practices have all become a part of her daily rituals to be of sound health on a holistic level.

Dani Simone hopes to inspire and motivate others to take control of their lives so they may feel their best and achieve their wildest dreams. She resonates with the idea that by transforming the inner world the outer world will be changed as well. Through the use of many practices ranging from yoga, prayer/meditation, Astrology and Tarot she navigates through her life to experience healing, growth and a greater sense of love for herself and others.