Full Moon in Sagittarius


The Full Moon in Sagittarius brings the focus to releasing old ways of viewing the world while giving you a fresh perspective to embrace a more heart-centered way of being. Sagittarius is a fire sign so passion and optimism will be at a high during this time. Mercury moves into chatty Gemini today giving our words an extra punch during this Full Moon. Saggies can be quite opinionated in their mission to uphold truth and integrity which is an important factor for all healthy communications. You’ll be really fired up about a certain area of your life. Just avoid being pushy with others as your excitement can be overwhelming. Make sure to temper your communication and speak to people with kindness and love during this time. 

The grand water trine gives you just the assistance you need to keep the peace and calm the nervous, excitable energy you may be feeling. This powerful convo between Jupiter, Venus and Neptune (two of which are benevolent planets) will activate us emotionally. The Sun and Moon’s positive aspect to Mars heightens your intuition, boosts your creativity and makes you more consciously aware of your goals. There’s some tension between Mars and Uranus which can cause some anxiety. It’s important to ground the inspiration you’re receiving so you’re not so overwhelmed with all of your ideas. Believe in your inner genius and get to work on your masterpiece. The Sun’s aspect to Saturn challenges you to be disciplined when it comes to your passions and creative pursuits. 

Use this Full Moon to release any obligations you have to others that distract you from pursuing your passion. Saggies are known for being independent. If someone doesn’t match your tenacity to expand into new territory with you they’re likely to fall off the wagon. Understand that everyone moves at their own pace. Stay focused on your journey, follow your intuition and heed the call from Spirit beckoning you to live a life with a wild, free heart. Check out the Full Moon horoscopes below to see which area of your life is affected by this cosmic dance. 


Last month’s Full Moon in the house of your subconscious catalyzed a much needed psychological purge. This energetic clearing you’re experiencing may be manifesting physically in your interpersonal relationships. You may feel drained, hurt or betrayed by someone or a group of people that are most likely envious of your growth. The spotlight is on you, Saggies, so be prepared for the haters and naysayers. Do your best to get a grip on your own thoughts as the 10 of Swords depicts you being stressed and exhausted right now. Reassess your self-talk as you’re susceptible to being overly critical and pessimistic at this time which can be a result of psychic attack (try using Tourmaline for protection). Be gentle with yourselves, Saggies. The worst is over. Time to rest up and regain your strength. You’ve got work to do and a lot of it has to do with integrating the wisdom from some painful experiences to redefine your narrative moving forward. 


The Full Moon illuminates the area of your life focused on the your money, possessions, values and self-esteem. This buoyant Saggie energy gives you a boost of confidence when it comes to these areas of your life. The grand water trine can bless you with an amazing opportunity for financial growth that will empower you on an emotional level as well. Jupiter has been in your signs for the past several months and will continue its transit into the fall. This can be a game changing moment when it comes to actualizing your financial goals. The 6 of Wands is a reminder that you’ll finally receive the recognition you deserve for all of the awesomeness you bring to the table. Just keep in mind that it’s important for you to acknowledge yourself as well. If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. 


This Full Moon brings your awareness to your siblings/cousins, neighbors and communication style. If you need to have any important convos it’s important that you face up to them instead of shying away from potential confrontation. Saggie is all about speaking the truth. Do you constantly find yourself bending to the wants and needs of others to keep the harmony? The 7 of Swords highlights a tendency to diminish your own needs. This Full Moon may present a situation in which you’ll need to exercise your new communication approach by expressing yourself in amore raw way similar to Sag. This energy requires you to speak from your heart and not your head. 


This Full Moon brings the attention to your family, childhood upbringing and home environment. You may experience a boost of optimism and renewed vision of what family and home means to you. Many of us consider home to be a physical location, however, this energy invites you to dive deeper. Ask yourself what makes you feel at home on an emotional level and in your personal experience. The 3 of Pentacles portrays you working hard towards creating more security within your home environment and emotional world. This can be a powerful time of releasing outdated generational beliefs. This Full Moon challenges you to redefine the truth for yourself separate from what you’ve learned during your childhood. 


This Full Moon brings your attention to creativity, romance and fun. Saggie is all about an adventure which challenges you to bring that freedom and joy into your life. You may have a realization about a romantic interest which can finally give you the confidence you need to shoot your shot. Whether you’re partnering up in romance or on a creative project the 3 of Pentacles emphasizes the importance of collaborating with like-minded individuals that can stoke the flames of passion within you. This Full Moon calls you to experience life from a more heart-centered space reminding you of the bliss of a child. Enjoy yourself and all of the blessings bestowed upon you, Sun child.


The Full Moon brings your attention to your work environment, daily routines and physical health. This is a benevolent time to receive insight into the changes you need to make in these areas. This can also be a positive time of fruition if you’ve been diligently working towards improving any of these aspects of your life. The King of Pentacles portrays you in a position of authority. Saggie is an independent sign so you may be plotting on ways to strike out on your own instead of working for someone. Even if you’re not interested in self-employment you may get some good news about a promotion or raise at your current job. This energy encourages you to take practical steps when it comes to implementing new routines into your life. You may be feeling extra nervous today. Try to stay grounded. Keeping a fitness routine will help you stay calm and be more effective in working towards your goals. 


This Full Moon brings the focus to your one-on-one relationships and the way you connect with others. You’ve had your fair share of let downs when it comes to relationships which has caused you to close yourself off for protection. This Saggie Moon can help you release old hang ups to embrace the joy of connection. It’s time to integrate the lessons you’ve learned from your past relationships to embrace the optimism needed to steer you in a better direction. The 9 of Wands encourages you to let your guard down. A relationship isn’t a battle field even if they’ve felt that way before. There can be a peak experience that brings you and a partner closer. If you’re already in an established bond a discussion of marriage can be on the table. If you’re single, put yourself out there. This isn’t a quiet night in Moon so get out and mingle. Let your defenses dissolve and allow your heart to sing, Twin star. 


This Full Moon lights up the area of your life associated with sex, intimacy, power and transformation. You can have a peak experience which allows you to mesh with someone on a deeper level. The energy brings the attention to your psyche as well. There may be some profound realizations that will help you see through your own jaded perspective. Saggie’s ability to view things from a higher perspective will allows you to see through any smoke and mirrors. You don’t want the surface level bullshit anymore. You’re getting more clear on what intimacy means to you. Let your heart lead the way to more accepting, expansive and loving connections. The 7 of Cups can also present itself to you in the form of financial support (a gift, loan, tax return, etc). Make sure to chose wisely when it comes to accepting support especially if you’ll be in debt to someone. 


This Full Moon brings the focus to the area of life associated with higher learning, international travel and your personal philosophies. You may be considering going back to school to further your knowledge on a topic of interest. Even if you’re uninterested in formal education there’s a need to quench your thirst for knowledge. This is a great time to dive deeper into research. The 2 of Pentacles indicates some indecisiveness about your development. You may be considering long distance travel or a study abroad program. An opportunity can present itself to you that will will require you to be brave as you take on a new adventure that will expand your mindset. You may also be in the spotlight at this time as a teacher to others. Even if you don’t have tons of formal education life is one of our greatest experiences. You may feel inclined to share your wisdom with others which is encouraged under the Saggie Full Moon. 


This Full Moon challenges you to release some outdated career goals that are no longer in alignment with your soul’s path. Saggie’s influence renews your vision giving you the confidence and passion to break out of the confines of an unfulfilling trajectory. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, sweet Pisces. The Universe may extend an opportunity that requires you to boldly take the initiative towards something unfamiliar. You may even be required to step into a leadership role at this time. Although Pisces aren’t always the 1st to come to mind in terms of leadership, you are in fact one of the most qualified signs of the zodiac given all of the wisdom you’ve attained. The 4 of Pentacles encourages you to open up more and share your deep insight. You can find yourself in the spotlight at this time which can result in a boost of social status. Don’t hold back, Pisces. Let yourself shine! 


This Full Moon brings the focus to your social groups, community and big hopes and dreams. The Saggie influence breathes new life’s into these areas of your life. Use this energy to integrate lessons you’ve experienced in your friendships. The 3 of Swords shows that there is some disappointment and hurt that needs to be released for you to experience more harmony in your friendships. Full Moons sometimes bring endings with them so this energy can result in a culmination of a friendship. We’re all growing and sometimes our paths may have us growing in different directions. Don’t fret though. Whatever is lost will he regained with something more in alignment with your soul’s renewed sense of purpose. You’re being called to live from a more heart-centered space. However, it’s important to clear out the hurt that makes you feel lonely and disconnected from others. Aquarians are naturally inclined to connect and everyone needs a tribe. It’s time to heal, forgive and release so you can align with yours. 


This Full Moon is happening in a more quiet area of your chart associated with sleep, dreams, spirituality and the collective unconscious. It’s okay if you’re lacking energy right now. This is actually a time for you to take a step back and recharge. Allow the passionate, fiery embers to glow within. This therapeutic time will stole the flames and come next month you’ll be ready to step into the spotlight. This part of your chart also has a lot to do with karma. You’re resolving some unhealthy patterns, addictions and attachments with the help of Saggie’s influence empowering you to integrate higher wisdom to overcome obstacles. The 4 of Swords encourages you to take it easy today. Make sure to spend some time in quiet reflection or meditation to best utilize this energy.


"Girl, Interrupted."

I avoided writing this the past few weeks but in honor of mental health awareness month and my own healing journey I feel called to share my personal experience with mental illness. I feel like it’s important to honor where I’ve come from instead of being ashamed about it…about something that is commonly mocked, diminished and swept under the rug particularly in the Black community. 

I experienced my first go around with depression during my Junior year of high school. So many years of pent up emotions and a mountain of body image issues led me into a brief period of self-harm. For about a month or so things got really dark. I remember the bus rides home staring aimlessly out of the window with tears streaming down my face. It happened like that…like clockwork. Every day. Sometimes I didn’t even know what I was crying about. Maybe some joke one of my classmates made about my gangly, undeveloped body or the host of pimples that invaded my pubescent skin. Or maybe it was that time the neanderthal football player bulldozed right past me in the hallway without acknowledging that he almost knocked me over. “Invisible,” I thought of myself. 

My teenage years were awkward like they were for many people. I didn’t fit in with any particular social group and if I did feel any sense of belonging it was with the weird, alternative outcasts. Nonetheless I got along with everyone at school but never truly felt at home amongst my peers. I didn’t feel like I mattered in the grand scheme of things which had me questioning my existence––my purpose seemed meaningless (which is something that matters very much to someone with a Pisces Moon placement who experiences regular existential crises). At that young age, it was hard to understand what I was feeling let alone vocalize it to anyone. I just knew I was sad and I didn’t like myself or life at all.

One day the need to escape reached a boiling point when I came home from school with the intention of ending my life. I grabbed a handful of pain pills and went to my room. I sat on my bed, a water bottle staring at me from the desk across my room beckoning me to just do it already. I thought about my mom and dad and how devastated they would be. I thought about my little brother coming to my room to annoy me to only find his sister dead. I was too afraid––too much of a coward to live or die. At that point I knew I needed to open up to someone so I texted my best friend. When my mom came home and checked on me I burst into tears showing her the self-harm I inflicted on myself. I had been ashamed and fearful of speaking up about what I was dealing with but in that moment of transparency I felt relieved, seen and heard. 

Since then I’ve had my ups and downs with my mental health. I’ve had a couple of relapses with self-harm and a handful of moments in which I’ve considered suicide. Therapy has been helpful at one point (and still is when I deem necessary) but spirituality and God has been my saving grace. It’s sobering writing these words now after a year and a half since I last battled with suicidal thoughts. It feels good being here and not just physically existing…but actually being here in my mind, not always wanting to escape from my reality, my thoughts, my feelings. I’m more present with life now. I’m more certain than ever before that  I exist for a reason. My life has purpose that is being revealed as I continue my journey, as I dissolve the illusion of separation (shoutout to Chiron in Pisces) by remembering that my existence is an extension of God. My creation was intentional and by design which is now a truth that permeates every inch of my being reminding me of my divinity and reminding me that I belong.



Establishing Healthy Boundaries

The current stage of my self-love journey is bringing up lessons about establishing healthy boundaries in my personal relationships. This has been difficult for me as a recovering people pleasing, co-dependent. I’ve struggled a lot with having my needs met in relationships (romantic and platonic) which often results in me feeling burnt out and resentful due to people’s inability to reciprocate my energy. If this resonates with you at all, it may be a red flag that it’s time to reassess your boundaries. 

But what are boundaries? And why do we need to establish them in our relationships? Boundaries are the expectations we set to let others know how we want to be treated. It is vital for our overall well-being to get more comfortable with establishing boundaries. Many of us have a fear of doing so because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, we’re conflict avoidant and we fear being rejected for our opinion. However, this is a sticky web to get caught in if we’re constantly diminishing our needs for the sake of someone else’s comfort. The foundation of a healthy relationship involves both parties being safe, understood and having their needs met as best as possible. As much as I advocate for this even energetic exchange, there is work that we have to do on our own before we get to this space of comfortability with setting boundaries. 

This process starts with self, first and foremost. Your self-love journey is about you! You’ll meet people along the way that may trigger some uncomfortable emotions but use these experiences as opportunities for growth. Our relationships are merely reflections of what we internalize. The next time someone oversteps a boundary of yours, ask yourself if you’ve clearly communicated your expectation to them. If you’re finding it difficult to do so, it’s time to reassess your own relationship with self. Are you downplaying your own feelings? Do you automatically reach out to someone to validate your response to an overstepped boundary? Do you have difficulty saying “No” to people and opportunities? Have you ever experienced a manipulative or abusive relationship? Do you value your time, effort and resources that you give?

As we turn the focus inward, we begin realizing how we haven’t quite shown up for ourselves fully which is why we seek the energetic investment of the other person. Your self-love journey will challenge the way you have valued yourself, your time and your energy in the past. Cultivating a deeper sense of self-esteem, worth, and love empowers you to validate your own experiences, set clear boundaries and enjoy the fruits of balanced relationships. Check out the tips below to help you establish healthy boundaries in your relationships!


Sun in Aries: Horoscopes for All Signs


Time Frame: March 21-April 19
Element: Fire
Sign Ruler: Mars
Symbol: Ram
Zodiac Quality: Cardinal
Strengths: Innovation, enthusiasm, leadership, straightforward
Weaknesses: Impatient, selfish, haughty, judgmental

We’re officially in Aries season marking the beginning of the astrological new year. Although the Gregorian calendar celebrates January as the new year, it’s very common for people to not feel the effects of the new year until the Spring time. The Northern Hemisphere is experiencing the reawakening of this special time of year. The Earth itself is being reborn as the effects of Winter wear off.

You may already feel a pep in your step as we’re leaving behind the old to resurrect ourselves in new form. This is a great time of awakening for all us as the energy of the ram fuels our souls to take hold of the new beginnings we’ve been working towards. Aries represents the warrior archetype so any battles you face (internal/external) will be faced head on in the combative style of the ram. Just make sure you’re choosing your battles wisely. If you’re feeling rebellious make sure it’s for a worthy reason. If you’re going to engage in conflict make sure it’s worth it in the long run. It’s not enough at this time to just assert your ego for the sake of being right.

Throughout the next month, Aries season will shine a light upon an area of your life that needs revitalization. You’re probably aware of what area this is for you as it was most likely highlighted in Pisces season. Surrender was the focus then as we loosened our grip on the outdated things no longer serving our growth. Now we’re beginning the cycle again feeling lighter, freer and more optimistic about the world of opportunities awaiting us in this astrological new year.

Check out how the Sun in Aries affects your sign:

Aries: Happy birthday! This season is all about you revamping yourself. The Sun is exalted in the sign of Aries giving you the extra push to take a leap of faith. You’ve gone through a lot of internal changes which will manifest more profoundly during this season. This is a great time for a makeover or anything that will improve the way your present yourself to the world. You are the definition of brand new this month. Recreate yourself and allow your raw authenticity to shine!

Taurus: This season is shining the light on your subconscious and spirituality. It may be time to develop a new approach to caring for your inner world. Over-indulgent and escapist tendencies are best avoided. It’s time to incorporate some healthier approaches to dealing with some of your hidden emotions. Aries season will fuel you with the willpower to overcome any addictions or psychological traumas.

Gemini: The focus is on your social network, friends and those big dreams of yours. This Aries energy will most likely find your very busy connecting with like-minded individuals. Maybe you’ll find a tribe that resonates with your own rebellious, free-flowing nature. It can also be time to breathe new life into any old dreams of you. Aries season will empower you with a can do attitude in reaching your goals.

Cancer: Your focus over the next month will be on career advancement. If you’re tired of going through the motions in your day job, it’s time to envision something bigger for yourself. What do you really want to do and accomplish? Aries knows no limits and this month you’ll have the confidence to push past any career limitations. You may be asked to step into a leadership role during this time as well. Believe in yourself, Cancerians! You are equipped to be successful.

Leo: The next month brings the focus to your philosophies, higher learning and distant travel. Plan extra carefully if you’re embarking on any travel opportunities during this Mercury Retrograde. If you were feeling shaky in your personal beliefs, Aries season gives you the courage to stand in your truth. This is a great time to participate in a cause that’s near to your heart. Some of you may also consider going to school or expanding your knowledge through research of new topics.

Virgo: The Sun illuminates your house of intimacy and rebirth. This is a great time for improving the approach to your psychological well being. You have the fiery energy of Aries to help you overcome any obstacles within your psyche. There can be profound breakthrough in intimacy issues. Be bold when it comes to exploring your shadow. An important relationship can undergo a major transformation through your courage to be vulnerable.

Libra: You’ll be focused on your most important relationships over the next month. There may be a desire to breathe new life into any existing connections that have gone stale. Make sure you’re not overextending yourself during this time. It’s important to have a nice balance of give and take which you’ll likely consider during this phase. If there are any issues within your relationships, you could def be feeling up for the battle as this Aries energy makes you bold and willing to fight for what’s right.

Scorpio: It’s time to bring some excitement into your day-to-day life. You may find yourself desiring to bring more passion into your life (and not just sexually). The monotony of your daily routines need to be shaken up. This area of your chart also focuses on physical health, exercise and diet. You’ll have a lot of energy over the next month to make some great progress towards your fitness goals. If you’re considering making a change in your workplace, get the ball rolling. Things may not pan out until after Mercury Retrograde but you can at least prepare yourself for the change to come. This is also a favorable time to receive money owed to you or approval on loans.

Sagittarius: Your romantic life and creativity will experience a major boost this month. The Sun is in your sister sign allowing you to bask in the glow of new beginnings. It’s time to bring more fun into your life. This is a great time to reconnect with old hobbies you enjoyed as a child. If you didn’t have much of a childhood, it’s never too late to embrace this aspect of life. Try something innovative when it comes to your creative expression. Maybe dabble in something you’ve never done before. The focus of this month is allowing your wild self to explore something new in your relation to romance and creativity.

Capricorn: Home and family is your focus at the moment. You may be relocating or starting a renovation project. Some of you can be entering a new phase of your life related to your ancestry. You may feel inclined to connect with your roots and mend any issues with a mother figure. This is also a great time to connect with the divine feminine. You may provide yourself (and others) with a dose of tough love since the Sun transits the intense sign of Aries. Avoid being too pushy with others as the Mercury Retrograde can result in miscommunication regardless of how good you’re intentions are.

Aquarius: The focus this month is all about communication, siblings/cousins and neighbors. You’re experiencing a rebirth when it comes to the way you communicate. If you’ve left a lot unsaid, this may be the month that lights a fire under your ass to open your mouth. Be tactful in your approach as Mercury Retrograde’s energy is host for miscommunication. It’s important to choose your battle wisely and take a few deep breaths before having any tough convos. You may also be interested in blogging, starting a YouTube channel or just putting yourself out there on social media.

Pisces: New beginnings are on the horizon related to your values, hidden talents and the way you earn money. You’re optimistic about some ideas unfolding that will bring in extra income. The bold energy of Aries may have you dusting off old talents of yours to share with the world. Your confidence is undergoing a major reboot and you’re understanding the value you have to offer to the world. If you’re in the market for a job this is a favorable time for new opportunities. Just use caution when signing contracts during Mercury Retrograde. This is also a great time for revamping your budget and transforming long standing issues surround self-esteem.

New Moon Solar Eclipse

 Artist: Versau

Artist: Versau

This New Moon Solar eclipse is exact today at 4:05 P.M. EST. New Moons are always a great time to set intentions for the lunar cycle ahead. However, with the eclipse in the picture we can expect these energies to play out over the next six months or so. The New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius which encourages us to walk to the beat of our own drum which ultimately benefits the greater good of the collective. When we are in alignment with our authenticity, we give others the courage to step into their truth as well. Don’t be afraid to think or do things that are out of the box. Tap into your inner genius and dream big. By the last quarter of the year, you can accomplish some big goals for yourself that will impact the world around you.  

Aquarius: This New Moon falls in your house of identity. Now is a good time to reflect on any old habits, attachments and ways that you’ve identified yourself. Over the next several months, you’ll be shedding your old skin and really getting to the core of who you are minus the expectations that others have placed on you. Try to find the balance between asserting your need for freedom and maintaining your close, interpersonal relationships. This eclipse energy will unfold over the next several months and liberation is the theme for you. Six months from now, you may hardly recognize yourself (but in a good way). Take some time to meditate on the ideal version of yourself minus the old hang ups that keep you stuck. Dare to have high hopes and expectations for yourself, Aquarius. If anyone can rise to the occasion it’s you.

Pisces: This New Moon is prepping you for a karmic reset as you’re encouraged to dive into the depths of your subconscious. What self-sabotaging beliefs and habits still wreak havoc in your life? Pay attention to your dreams around this time as they are full of wisdom­­ possibly even into your past lives. Spirit is showing you the limitations you experience through some much needed soul searching. With the help of the eclipse energies, you’ll be breaking through major psychological and spiritual barriers over the course of the next several months. This may also be a time in which you develop practical ways of maintaining your spiritual and mental well-being on a day-to-day basis. This would be a great time to start a meditation practice, journaling, or any other healthy way to cope with pressure.

Aries: This New Moon is inviting you to connect with like-minded individuals. If you’ve been doing any reevaluating or shifting when it comes to your big goals, you may also notice your social circle shift as well. This eclipse can find you laying certain friendships or associations with an organization to rest if they no longer align with your vision for the future. For some, your social life may be the last thing on your agenda as you choose to primarily focus on the impact you want to make on the world. As much as you like to do things on your own, it’s okay to enlist some help. There are people on your wavelength that can help bring your ideas to fruition. This is a great time to pull out the magazines and poster board for your revised, long-term goals. Over the next several months, you’ll be busy making some important connections that will help you make a mark in your community and the world around you.

Taurus: This New Moon is the beginning of a major shift for your career and social status. Thanks to the eclipse energies, you can expect to achieve a lot when it comes to the long-term work you would like to do. You may be reconsidering a change in direction during this New Moon. Give yourself some space to reevaluate your career goals at this time. There may be a little tension between what you would personally like to accomplish and the needs of your family as well. Try to find the balance between the two. The course of the next several months may give you a boost when it comes to authority in your life. Some of you may rise up in the ranks at your current job while others may opt to be their own boss to pursue self-employment. Use this New Moon to plot on the come up that you’ll be making this year.

Gemini: You may find yourself itching to travel and expand out of the confines of your regular, day-to-day existence. This New Moon is highlighting a need to revamp your personal beliefs and ideologies of life. You may be challenged by close family members as you’re embarking on a phase of redefining your own personal truth. This may be a time in which you consider going back to school or learning a new trade. It’s time to expand your knowledge of the world around you. Some of you may do this in a more traditional route by studying books, researching or connecting with a teacher while others of you may want to travel (possibly internationally) to learn more instead. You may even feel the urge to teach about some of your personal philosophies. The effects of the eclipse can make the next several months a potent time of opportunities meant to give you a platform to share your knowledge. Get ready to use your gift of gab to help elevate those around you and deepen your wisdom about life itself.

Cancer:  Over the next several months, you’ll experience deep transformation on a psychological level. This New Moon may have you thinking of ways that you can heal some past traumas. Therapy can be very beneficial for you during this time as well as shadow work. This is a powerful time of integrating your light and shadow by embracing yourself as a whole and not just the desirable parts. This area of your chart affects your intimacy with others. It’s time to remove your defenses and allow yourself to be more vulnerable (with the right people, of course). The eclipse energies can powerfully affect you throughout the year which can lend to a deepening of a bond through and some much needed sexual healing. This New Moon is a favorable time to apply for loans and grants as this area of your chart highlights other people’s money. You can expect a lot of that to come through financial institutions, clients or even your romantic partner. By the end of the year, you’ll be feeling more powerful and whole than ever before.

Leo: This New Moon will mark the beginning of a new way of relating to others, particularly in one-on-one partnerships. As you’ve come to know yourself more on an authentic level, you have become more aware of what you will and won’t tolerate within your partnerships. Over the next several months, there may be some tension between your own personal needs and the needs of others. Focus on creating harmony within these relationships while still acting from a place of integrity. If you’re currently coupled, some of you may consider taking the relationship to the next level by working towards marriage. Even if you’re single, you may get very clear about what you want out of marriage. Make sure that these expectations are your own instead of being influenced by societal standards. If you’re not interested in romance, you’ll be building some solid business connections that align with your personal mission.

Virgo: This New Moon brings the focus to your daily habits, health and your work environment. The eclipse energy makes this a powerful time of wiping out bad habits that aren’t good for your health. Consider making some changes to your diet or getting into a fitness routine. Sometimes, these changes can be as simple as waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual to give yourself extra time to get your day started off better. This can also be a time in which you’d like to make some changes in your work environment. Is your current environment not fitting your needs? Now is the time to get your resume out there so you can transition somewhere better. Some of you may even consider ways that you can work from home. Today marks the new beginning for a shift in your lifestyle over the next several months.

Libra: This New Moon brings the attention to a part of your chart that focuses on romance, creativity and children. If you need to bring any of these elements into your life, this is a potent time to set your intentions to experience more freedom and fun over the next several months. Get in touch with your inner child by reconnecting with old hobbies that you once enjoyed. You can find great satisfaction with working or volunteering with kids around this time as they’ll help you remain in touch with your inner youth. This can be a time of increased fertility so make sure you’re using precautions if you’re casually dating. If you’re in a more established bond, you and your partner may be planning to have kids. Use the New Moon to set intentions for a practical plan to expand your family. Throughout the rest of the year, you’ll experience more adventure on a day-to-day basis by actively investing into your personal creations. There is a sense of wonder that permeates with this energy as you start to view the world through the eyes of a child.

Scorpio: The New Moon brings the focus to your home and family. You may be planning on moving around this time or renovating your current space. It’s important that your home environment provides you with a sanctuary especially for your emotional needs. If you’ve been experiencing any tension in the home or even with a mother figure, you’ll be driven to remove yourself from the chaos by creating some distance. The next several months will bring the focus to you creating a more solid emotional foundation for yourself. Take some time to analyze the way you were raised to perceive emotions (particularly your mother’s influence).  This can be healing for you and your mother’s relationship.  This New Moon can bring up the desire to connect with your ancestry as well. The eclipse energies will remain with you throughout the year as you begin this journey of reconnecting with your roots.

Sagittarius: This New Moon brings the focus to your communications, siblings and community around you. This is a great time to start a new project that will put your voice out there whether it is blogging, writing a book or starting a YouTube channel. Your voice matters and it’s time you start honoring that. If you have any ideas surfacing for you around this time make sure to record them. As Erykah Badu says, “Write it down on real paper with real pencil and watch shit get real.” Over the course of the next several months, you can expect to be busy with communications in your local community and also on social media. You can expect for your influence to expand as the eclipse energies give this New Moon a longer lasting effect. If you’ve had any tension with siblings, moving forward you can smooth out the kinks and find better ways of relating. If you’re looking for a new mode of transportation, you can easily find yourself purchasing a new vehicle by the Fall.

Capricorn: The focus for this New Moon is on your values, self-esteem and material possessions. This is a time of redefining what is important to you. You may be getting rid of some personal items that don’t hold any value to you but this is just making room for better things to replace them with. The eclipse energy will linger throughout the next six months or so. This will be a powerful time to boost your self-esteem. If you’ve gone through experiences that didn’t match how you value yourself, you’ll be driven to release attachments to these things. This area of your chart also has to do with your hidden talents which you’ll be exploring in the months to come. As the New Moon activates this part of your chart, you’ll gain a deeper sense of self-love and respect as you recognize the gem that you are. This is also a great time to budget and make plans towards greater self-sufficiency.