New Moon Solar Eclipse

Artist: Versau

Artist: Versau

This New Moon Solar eclipse is exact today at 4:05 P.M. EST. New Moons are always a great time to set intentions for the lunar cycle ahead. However, with the eclipse in the picture we can expect these energies to play out over the next six months or so. The New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius which encourages us to walk to the beat of our own drum which ultimately benefits the greater good of the collective. When we are in alignment with our authenticity, we give others the courage to step into their truth as well. Don’t be afraid to think or do things that are out of the box. Tap into your inner genius and dream big. By the last quarter of the year, you can accomplish some big goals for yourself that will impact the world around you.  

Aquarius: This New Moon falls in your house of identity. Now is a good time to reflect on any old habits, attachments and ways that you’ve identified yourself. Over the next several months, you’ll be shedding your old skin and really getting to the core of who you are minus the expectations that others have placed on you. Try to find the balance between asserting your need for freedom and maintaining your close, interpersonal relationships. This eclipse energy will unfold over the next several months and liberation is the theme for you. Six months from now, you may hardly recognize yourself (but in a good way). Take some time to meditate on the ideal version of yourself minus the old hang ups that keep you stuck. Dare to have high hopes and expectations for yourself, Aquarius. If anyone can rise to the occasion it’s you.

Pisces: This New Moon is prepping you for a karmic reset as you’re encouraged to dive into the depths of your subconscious. What self-sabotaging beliefs and habits still wreak havoc in your life? Pay attention to your dreams around this time as they are full of wisdom­­ possibly even into your past lives. Spirit is showing you the limitations you experience through some much needed soul searching. With the help of the eclipse energies, you’ll be breaking through major psychological and spiritual barriers over the course of the next several months. This may also be a time in which you develop practical ways of maintaining your spiritual and mental well-being on a day-to-day basis. This would be a great time to start a meditation practice, journaling, or any other healthy way to cope with pressure.

Aries: This New Moon is inviting you to connect with like-minded individuals. If you’ve been doing any reevaluating or shifting when it comes to your big goals, you may also notice your social circle shift as well. This eclipse can find you laying certain friendships or associations with an organization to rest if they no longer align with your vision for the future. For some, your social life may be the last thing on your agenda as you choose to primarily focus on the impact you want to make on the world. As much as you like to do things on your own, it’s okay to enlist some help. There are people on your wavelength that can help bring your ideas to fruition. This is a great time to pull out the magazines and poster board for your revised, long-term goals. Over the next several months, you’ll be busy making some important connections that will help you make a mark in your community and the world around you.

Taurus: This New Moon is the beginning of a major shift for your career and social status. Thanks to the eclipse energies, you can expect to achieve a lot when it comes to the long-term work you would like to do. You may be reconsidering a change in direction during this New Moon. Give yourself some space to reevaluate your career goals at this time. There may be a little tension between what you would personally like to accomplish and the needs of your family as well. Try to find the balance between the two. The course of the next several months may give you a boost when it comes to authority in your life. Some of you may rise up in the ranks at your current job while others may opt to be their own boss to pursue self-employment. Use this New Moon to plot on the come up that you’ll be making this year.

Gemini: You may find yourself itching to travel and expand out of the confines of your regular, day-to-day existence. This New Moon is highlighting a need to revamp your personal beliefs and ideologies of life. You may be challenged by close family members as you’re embarking on a phase of redefining your own personal truth. This may be a time in which you consider going back to school or learning a new trade. It’s time to expand your knowledge of the world around you. Some of you may do this in a more traditional route by studying books, researching or connecting with a teacher while others of you may want to travel (possibly internationally) to learn more instead. You may even feel the urge to teach about some of your personal philosophies. The effects of the eclipse can make the next several months a potent time of opportunities meant to give you a platform to share your knowledge. Get ready to use your gift of gab to help elevate those around you and deepen your wisdom about life itself.

Cancer:  Over the next several months, you’ll experience deep transformation on a psychological level. This New Moon may have you thinking of ways that you can heal some past traumas. Therapy can be very beneficial for you during this time as well as shadow work. This is a powerful time of integrating your light and shadow by embracing yourself as a whole and not just the desirable parts. This area of your chart affects your intimacy with others. It’s time to remove your defenses and allow yourself to be more vulnerable (with the right people, of course). The eclipse energies can powerfully affect you throughout the year which can lend to a deepening of a bond through and some much needed sexual healing. This New Moon is a favorable time to apply for loans and grants as this area of your chart highlights other people’s money. You can expect a lot of that to come through financial institutions, clients or even your romantic partner. By the end of the year, you’ll be feeling more powerful and whole than ever before.

Leo: This New Moon will mark the beginning of a new way of relating to others, particularly in one-on-one partnerships. As you’ve come to know yourself more on an authentic level, you have become more aware of what you will and won’t tolerate within your partnerships. Over the next several months, there may be some tension between your own personal needs and the needs of others. Focus on creating harmony within these relationships while still acting from a place of integrity. If you’re currently coupled, some of you may consider taking the relationship to the next level by working towards marriage. Even if you’re single, you may get very clear about what you want out of marriage. Make sure that these expectations are your own instead of being influenced by societal standards. If you’re not interested in romance, you’ll be building some solid business connections that align with your personal mission.

Virgo: This New Moon brings the focus to your daily habits, health and your work environment. The eclipse energy makes this a powerful time of wiping out bad habits that aren’t good for your health. Consider making some changes to your diet or getting into a fitness routine. Sometimes, these changes can be as simple as waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual to give yourself extra time to get your day started off better. This can also be a time in which you’d like to make some changes in your work environment. Is your current environment not fitting your needs? Now is the time to get your resume out there so you can transition somewhere better. Some of you may even consider ways that you can work from home. Today marks the new beginning for a shift in your lifestyle over the next several months.

Libra: This New Moon brings the attention to a part of your chart that focuses on romance, creativity and children. If you need to bring any of these elements into your life, this is a potent time to set your intentions to experience more freedom and fun over the next several months. Get in touch with your inner child by reconnecting with old hobbies that you once enjoyed. You can find great satisfaction with working or volunteering with kids around this time as they’ll help you remain in touch with your inner youth. This can be a time of increased fertility so make sure you’re using precautions if you’re casually dating. If you’re in a more established bond, you and your partner may be planning to have kids. Use the New Moon to set intentions for a practical plan to expand your family. Throughout the rest of the year, you’ll experience more adventure on a day-to-day basis by actively investing into your personal creations. There is a sense of wonder that permeates with this energy as you start to view the world through the eyes of a child.

Scorpio: The New Moon brings the focus to your home and family. You may be planning on moving around this time or renovating your current space. It’s important that your home environment provides you with a sanctuary especially for your emotional needs. If you’ve been experiencing any tension in the home or even with a mother figure, you’ll be driven to remove yourself from the chaos by creating some distance. The next several months will bring the focus to you creating a more solid emotional foundation for yourself. Take some time to analyze the way you were raised to perceive emotions (particularly your mother’s influence).  This can be healing for you and your mother’s relationship.  This New Moon can bring up the desire to connect with your ancestry as well. The eclipse energies will remain with you throughout the year as you begin this journey of reconnecting with your roots.

Sagittarius: This New Moon brings the focus to your communications, siblings and community around you. This is a great time to start a new project that will put your voice out there whether it is blogging, writing a book or starting a YouTube channel. Your voice matters and it’s time you start honoring that. If you have any ideas surfacing for you around this time make sure to record them. As Erykah Badu says, “Write it down on real paper with real pencil and watch shit get real.” Over the course of the next several months, you can expect to be busy with communications in your local community and also on social media. You can expect for your influence to expand as the eclipse energies give this New Moon a longer lasting effect. If you’ve had any tension with siblings, moving forward you can smooth out the kinks and find better ways of relating. If you’re looking for a new mode of transportation, you can easily find yourself purchasing a new vehicle by the Fall.

Capricorn: The focus for this New Moon is on your values, self-esteem and material possessions. This is a time of redefining what is important to you. You may be getting rid of some personal items that don’t hold any value to you but this is just making room for better things to replace them with. The eclipse energy will linger throughout the next six months or so. This will be a powerful time to boost your self-esteem. If you’ve gone through experiences that didn’t match how you value yourself, you’ll be driven to release attachments to these things. This area of your chart also has to do with your hidden talents which you’ll be exploring in the months to come. As the New Moon activates this part of your chart, you’ll gain a deeper sense of self-love and respect as you recognize the gem that you are. This is also a great time to budget and make plans towards greater self-sufficiency.


Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse



Today marks a powerful day of transformation with the Super Blue Blood Moon + lunar eclipse in Leo. This month alone, we’ve experienced two Full Moons, hence the name Blue Moon, as this is a rare occasion. The moon will appear larger than usual as it is closer to the earth which gives it the “Super Moon” title while the total lunar eclipse will make the moon appear red in color. The Super Blue Blood Moon will be most visible early on Wednesday morning but this moon will have a potent effect that will change our lives for months to come.

If you can recall some of the themes that played out for you during the last eclipse season in August, you may notice some of these themes surfacing again. Emotions are heightened during this time so do your best to be gentle with yourself and those around you. Themes surrounding authenticity, creativity, courage and being in the spotlight may be of focus during this lunar eclipse.

The past few months may have brought challenges to the forefront regarding any apprehension towards showing up in the world more fully. Today’s energies are perfect for releasing any limiting beliefs holding you back from authentically expressing yourself. Any fears of rejection, insecurity, or self-doubt are encouraged to be released to create space for acceptance, self-love, and greater confidence. Leo is associated with the Sun which is actually a star (not a planet). This is a great time to ask yourself how you can step into center stage as the star of your existence.

Embody the courage of the mighty lion to love all parts of you unashamedly, be bold when it comes to following your heart’s desires, and reconnect with the needs of your inner child by infusing more fun and creativity into you day-to-day life. Check out how this Full Moon eclipse will affect your sign:

Aries: This Full Moon is in your 5th house (associated with Leo). You are encouraged to release any fears surrounding your creative expression. Your creative talents are meant to be shared with the world. Don’t get so caught up in whether your expression will be accepted by others. This is ultimately a means for you to release some of that antsy energy that Aries is all too familiar with. While you’re in the process of tending to yourself through creative exploration, you’ll inspire others around you to do so. This is also a powerful time to release outdated beliefs from you childhood. Embrace your glo up, Aries. You’re not an awkward teenager anymore. Embody your confidence and allow yourself the chance to shine.

Taurus: This Full Moon eclipse is in your 4th house of your home and emotional foundation. You are learning to relate to your emotions in a new way as you release outdated views that tried to stifle your emotional expression. On a more practical level, some of you may be saying goodbye to your current living environment or just making space for new upgrades in your home life. Today would be a great opportunity to smudge your home down and do a deep cleaning to shake up any stagnant energy in your life. You’ll be surprised how much changes for you by simply cleaning out your closet or trying some fengshui.

Gemini: This Full Moon falls in your 3rd house of communication, transportation, your siblings and close community. There may be a culmination of events that transpire to help you heal any sibling rivalries or miscommunication that have occurred within some of your day-to-day interactions. This is a potent time to release outdated thinking patterns and communication styles. If you’ve been passive-aggressive in the past, now is the time to take on more of a direct approach moving forward. This is also a great time to release a project you’ve been working on via social media. You’ll receive a lot of positive feedback for sharing yourself with your audience.

Cancer: This Full Moon eclipse takes place in your 2nd house. Are you still holding on to beliefs and experiences that have diminished your sense of value and self-esteem? This Moon may trigger painful experiences in the past in which you were rejected. As hurtful as those experiences were its best to embrace the lessons they taught you and hold yourself to a higher esteem moving forward. There are people around you that value you just for being you. This can also be an exciting time for you to receive word about an investment that can be quite favorable for you over the months to come.

Leo: This Full Moon takes place in your 1st house. This is a powerful time for your true identity to be revealed. There may be parts of you that have been hidden but you’re now choosing to embrace all aspects of yourself. Your heart is encouraging you to identify with yourself in a new way by not feeling obligated to maintain a persona that is solely based on ego. Get in tune with your heart center and try not to judge whatever comes up for you. The less judgement you have towards yourself, the less judgement others will have of you. Every part of you is worthy of shining, Leo, even the not-so-pretty parts. That’s what makes you truly authentic.

Virgo: This Full Moon falls in your 12th house of the subconscious. You may be experiencing sweeping changes when it comes to any conditioning that has made you fearful of just being yourself. Your hidden self wants to be embraced during this time. Take some quiet time out today to reflect on lessons you learned in your upbringing that prohibited you from owning your voice and expressing your truth. There is a major karmic cycle ending for so you can move forward feeling empowered and worthy of speaking your truth. In the words of the late and great Patrick Swayze, “No one puts Baby in the corner.” Come out of the shadows, Virgo. It’s time for you to recondition yourself to express yourself more freely.

Libra: This Full Moon falls in your 11th house. You may experience some profound realizations when it comes to your need to connect with your soul tribe. If you’ve been feeling disconnected, this is the week to put yourself out there as you’re likely to make an exciting, new connection with a kindred spirit. It may be a good idea to volunteer for a cause that is near to your heart so you’re making connections of substance and common interest. This Full Moon can also result in a revival of a big goal of yours you haven't pursued. This fiery Leo energy will give you the courageous heart to make your big dreams a reality. 

Scorpio: This Full Moon in your 10th house brings your attention to career, status and your reputation. You may receive recognition around this time for the unique qualities that you bring to the table. This Full Moon can also shine light upon ways that you can put yourself out there more to actually receive the recognition you deserve. It’s time to come out of your cave, Scorpio. No one can honor your greatness if you choose to keep it hidden. You have something special to share with the world but are you brave enough to bring it to the forefront? Tap into the courage of Leo to reveal the mysteries that lie beneath your surface.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon brings the attention to your 9th house. This may be a time in which old philosophies you had about life are making an exit. This may be mirrored to you within your interpersonal relationships as you realize you just don’t resonate with certain views anymore. This is a time to dive deeper into the meaning of life for you.  This is also a great time to participate in any ceremonies or rituals to utilize this powerful lunar energy to your advantage. There may also be some good news coming your way regarding foreign travel or an opportunity to expand through higher learning. This Moon is a potent day to publish anything you’ve been working on as it will be received very well and many opportunities may come from putting your work out there. You’re very wise, Sag. Make sure you’re sharing your knowledge with those around you.  

Capricorn: This Full Moon in your 8th house may be intense as the light of the moon is shining on the depths of your psyche. It’s time to release old wounds surrounding rejection and your need for acceptance.  It’s a normal part of the human experience to want to feel a part of a group. Just make sure that you’re capable of validating yourself first and foremost or you’ll constantly be longing for this validation from other people who may fall short of your expectations. With this Moon in Leo, your inner child can use some serious TLC to get you through this heavy energy. Whatever emotions come up for you now can be released for powerful transformation that will change your life for years to come.

Aquarius: This Full Moon falls in your 7th house of contractual relationships (marriage or business). There may be a powerful revelation that you have regarding your partner and how you can bring more romance into a stale relationship. Try doing something creative and fun with your partner that will breathe new life into relationship. With this culminating energy, some unhealthy marriages can definitely be up for review and divorce is a potential if you or your partner have outgrown the relationship. This is a great time to consider how your childhood conditioning affects the way you relate to your spouse, business partner or people in general.

Pisces: This Full Moon in your 6th house brings the spotlight to your daily routines, health and fitness. You may receive insight on how you can make subtle adjustments to improve these aspects of your life. If you’ve initiated some recent changes in these areas, you may already be noticing some positive results from your actions. For some of you, there could be a realization that you need to bring more fun and creativity into your everyday routine. If you’re 9-5 doesn’t allow you to express indulge in these aspects you may feel a bit underwhelmed and anxious to break out of the confinements of the mundane. Don’t make any sudden moves to quit your job. Instead, strategize ways you can fuse your creativity into something that can be lucrative for you.


The Power of Affirmations

I was introduced to using affirmations in 2014 after receiving Reiki for the first time. My Reiki practicioner encouraged me to read a book called "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay, a prominent figure in the New Thought movement. This book in particular introduced me to the concept that our thoughts create our reality and once we get a better handle of our mind, powerful change can occur in our lives. I read through the book in about two sittings, eagerly absorbing the material and the concept of affirmations. I personally struggled with maintaining positive self-talk even though most people I knew considered me to be a pretty positive person. However, my inner world was a completeley different story. Most of my thoughts were extremely self-criticial, doubtful, fearful and just plain debilitating. From the outside looking in, I'm sure most people thought I was pretty happy with my life but I wasn't. I struggled with low-self esteem and a lack of confidence that didn't allow me to live the life I truly wanted. I constantly felt the need to play a certain role to avoid other people's judgement. My love life was a complete wreck and most of it had to do with the fact that I had no sense of self-worth. Much of this was attributed to painful experiences in my childhood and projections of other's that I slowly but surely took on as the truth of my existence. "They" told me I wasn't good enough, I was too shy, that my body wasn't desirable, that I was too different and all of these projections became my identity over time. I believed every criticism that was ever projected onto me which ultimately left me feeling trapped within my own skin, ashamed to be my authentic self and doubtful that I would ever live the life I truly desired. 

With the help of Louise Hay's book, I started using affirmations on a regular basis. I printed out several powerful statements written by Louise Hay herself and taped them around a full length mirror that hung on my closet door. Every day I got into the practice of standing in front of my mirror, looking myself in the eyes, and affirming these powerful statements over myself. To be completely honest, I felt like a joke in the early stages. "Who was I kidding? I'm basically lying to myself." Luckily, Louise Hay equipped me with the knowledge that this was perfectly normal. When we get so used to thinking a thought about ourselves and then try to diverge from that, our mind goes into overtime to try to fight back. But guess what? Our minds have no power over us. We have the power over our minds. I continued to persevere with my mirror work and affirmations. I even incorporated falling asleep to guided meditations that included these empowering affirmations. For almost three months, I fell asleep to one of Louise Hay's most popular guided meditations which can be found on YouTube (it is titled "Louise Hay-40 mins everday to change your life forever"). Believe me, the results actually align with the title if you are consistent.

I won't say it's easy to change your thoughts and negative self-talk, although Louise Hay would beg to differ as she fully believed in the power of consciously choosing our thoughts. Even when it comes to making changes, she encouraged that change can be easy, and once we start constantly affirming this we will feel like our lives are shifting with more ease as we release the resistance to change. If you are committed to making positive shifts in your life, trust that in time you will see results. They may not be overnight. Sometimes I had good and bad days where I continued to let my negative self-talk get the best of me but I can definitely see the growth I've experienced by committing to this work. I am way more conscious of the thoughts flowing through my mind and I do my best not to attach to anything that disempowers me. My confidence and self-esteem have boosted significantly. I now have the courage to do things I've always wanted to but never felt like I could. I'm way more comfortable in my skin and in my overall unique individuality. Even my experiences in dating and romance have improved significantly. I love my weird ass to the moon and back and that's something I could not say a few years ago. I hope this message can encourage someone that is struggling with making positive changes in their life. You are worthy of the life you want to live. It's just a matter of time before you start believing it. 

Girl, Wander.


2018 is the year for me to express my spiritual truth. Over the past few years, my spiritual practice has deviated from my family’s traditional Christian beliefs. I was raised in as a fair-weather Christian attending church with my family in seasons. In 2011, without the influence of my family, I decided to consciously commit to Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I got baptized. I attended church twice a week. I read my bible upon awakening and before I went to bed every night. I even practiced celibacy for about a year. I did everything a “good” Christian woman was supposed to do yet I never felt like I was good enough. I understood the idea of Jesus dying for our sins and that I was covered with his blood yet I still harbored shame and guilt throughout my years as a Christian.

I felt as though I was rejecting many aspects of myself that were considered sinful and the constant judgement that I felt was projected onto people around me. In an attempt to alleviate my own guilt and shame, I focused on the moral deficiencies in others with a mission to save them from the eternal damnation that awaited them had they not surrendered their life to Jesus. I rode atop my moral high horse with the notion in mind that whether I sinned or not, I was pardoned because I committed my life to Jesus. I created a wedge between me and anyone who I felt lived an immoral life of partying, drinking, drug usage, pre-marital sex, etc. I connected with God-fearing Christians who I never truly felt at home with. Even amongst them I felt like the sinner as I still desired to smoke weed, have sex and party with my college friends. Everything that didn’t align with Christianity was bad…the parts of myself that didn’t align were bad..As much as I attempted to fit the mold of a good, Christian girl a part of me always felt bad.

In 2014, during my last semester of college at GSU, I took a literary course in which we studied the bible from a more philosophical approach. My faith was under the microscope. I’m sure most Christians would consider this an attack of the devil to separate me from Jesus but I didn’t think so. I was gifted a new perspective and also reminded of my core beliefs regarding spirituality. Even though I was raised as a Christian, I never believed Jesus was the only way to connect to God. 

Before I went to college, I considered studying religious philosophy because I was intrigued by the commonalities that various religious beliefs encompassed. I never felt like a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc. believed in a false god. My core essence intrinsically knew that no one’s God was more valid than the next person’s. I knew that spirituality was a subjective experience and even though my family’s traditions were rooted in Christianity, I gave myself the space to explore topics outside of those traditions during my adolescence. When I was in high school, my interest in astrology and numerology peaked but my studies only went so far as I was young and not overly concerned with any form of spirituality. Boys and friends were my religion at that time. 

During the Summer of 2014, I was overwhelmed with shame and  also experienced the boredom of going through the motions of Christianity so I decided to seek spiritual truth elsewhere––a truth that didn’t make me feel like I was running from myself and my innate essence of curiosity for the mysteries of life. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt like there was something bigger than me and that there was, indeed, a force that created all that is––the force that many religions refer to as God although they may call him/her by different names. This was my forgotten truth as I attempted to fit into a mold that I did not belong in between 2011 and 2014. 

Those years that I consciously chose to follow Christ were by no means in vain. It was a stepping stone that brought me back to Me, my innate wisdom and God within myself who felt no shame for trivial matters like having sex or smoking weed or shaking my ass with friends at a party. I’m sure many people, particularly Christians, think I’m too open minded because I’m capable of experiencing God through many channels. I’ve connected to higher realms through smoking weed. I’ve felt the joyful bliss of praise and worship through dancing freely with my friends, and getting swept away in the music. I’ve experienced the healing that sex can cultivate through a healthy relationship. I hear God speak to me through the wind. I see her beauty as she lights up the night sky. I feel God’s embrace through the unconditional acceptance from my loved ones. God is everywhere. God is in you. God is in me. God is. 

As I come to know myself more deeply, I understand my soul’s purpose (not the purpose that my family, friends, or society has in mind for me). My soul desires to explore the realms that tradition advises I dare not go. My soul desires to connect with Spirit and the oneness of all creation. My soul desires to completely embrace all aspects of my being without condemnation and with the full understanding that I AM God in the flesh. My soul desires to remind you that you are God, too. 



Full Moon in Taurus


Full Moon in Taurus

Themes: wealth, security, self-esteem, self-worth, values, sensuality, practicality, commitment, connecting with the earth, physical senses, beauty

A Full Moon is typically about illuminating light onto areas of our lives that may need some attention, reaching a goal we’ve been working toward or finding closure in an area of our lives. Some signs may feel the effects more profoundly while others on a more subtle, gradual note as these energies can unfold over the next few months. Check out your Sun, Moon and Rising (the most accurate) to check out which house this Full Moon is transiting for you.


Aries (2nd House)-You may make a decision to transition from one job to another as you’re coming into alignment with what you truly value. An opportunity may come your way that will provide you with more fulfillment and boost your sense of self-worth when it comes to the skills and talents that you posses. You may receive a new job, promotion or raise. Tie up any loose ends surrounding your self-esteem especially if it’s taken a hit in the past.


Taurus (1st House)-It’s time to release any of those old ways of being as a light is being shined upon some habits you’ve outgrown. You’re moving in a new direction with a more clear sense of who you are in the world. This may be a time where you want to revamp you wardrobe or get a makeover. Whatever changes you make should fare well for you.


Gemini (12th House)-You may receive some insight into some of your subconscious patterns and how they may affect you and your relationships. The 12th House is all about karma. You may evaluate ending an important connection you feel you’ve outgrown. Some relationships are seasonal so accept the experience and lessons for what they are. A spiritual advisor or practice may be of great assistance right now. 


Cancer (11th House)-You may be evaluating the value of your social circle around this time. Are you being appreciated in your friendships and group associations? If not, you may want to branch out to connect with more like minded individuals as you may have the desire to work towards a bigger goal with the people you associate with. This Full Moon can provide you with insight into how you can practically achieve some of these big picture visions and dreams.


Leo (10th House)-You may finally receive the recognition you deserve in your career. People are noticing you and the influence that you have in the world. It’s time to release any notions of you being undeserving of success. Any fears surrounding this may very well be the reason you aren’t getting the breakthrough you want. You may get some good advice from an authority figure about your next major career move.


Virgo (9th House)-It’s time to revamp your philosophies and expand your knowledge. You may get some good news about traveling for studies or a job opportunity. Spend some time in the moonlight over the next couple of days as you are likely to receive downloads from the Moon. This insight may give you a deeper understanding of your own spiritual urges and how you can align with your higher self. This is also a great time to release outdated beliefs that no longer serve the trajectory of your life.


Libra (8th House)-Expect the unexpected as you may randomly be gifted with money owed to you from a court case, government entity or through your partner. This house rules other people’s resources. You may receive insight into how you can get a little extra help from sources you may not usually turn to. The 8th house also rules transformation and healing. This may be a good time to reflect upon your psychological beliefs surrounding your sense of self worth and esteem. You may get an opportunity to do some healing around a traumatic experience of the past that may have affected the way that you value yourself and your beauty.


Scorpio (7th House)-Things may finally come to a head in a close relationship of yours. You are getting more clear about what you value in your relationships. This Full Moon can result in a relationship ending as you may conclude that your partner is not valuing you or the relationship. On the other hand, this may be a very sensual time for you and a significant other if the relationship is in a good place. Enjoy the pleasures that Taurus loves to indulge in. Order takeout and cozy up with your lover for an intimate night in.


Sagittarius (6th House)-You may get some clarity about constructive ways to improve your daily routines. This may be a good time to take on a new fitness regimen or diet especially if you’ve received any news about your health. Make sure you are valuing your body by taking care of it, getting adequate rest, and feeding it with nourishing foods. You may also receive a simple piece of advice that can make your daily affairs more streamline. It’s time to get organized if you’ve been all over the place.


Capricorn (5th House)-This Full Moon is shining light on how you can bring more pleasure, creativity and romance into your life. This is a great energy for social dating. A secret admirer may reveal their interest in you around this time. If you’re not too concerned with love matters this is a great time to come into the fullness of your heart’s expression. You may reevaluate the importance of following your heart (and your bliss) especially if you’ve neglected the things that matter to you most. This may also be a time in which you release a new project and receive recognition for it.


Aquarius (4th House)-Something may finally be culminating on the home front, Aquarians. Maybe you’re considering relocating or just sprucing up your current living environment. You are focused on creating more comfort in your home along with more harmonious interactions with your family. This time may shed light onto your emotional upbringing as a child. Were you taught to value and express your feelings or were you advised to just silently suffer? It’s time to re-evaluate your childhood conditioning and possibly any issues you’ve experienced with a mother figure.


Pisces (3rd House)-Siblings and your close community may be your top priorities around this time. You may consider partnering with these individuals on a project. There may be a lot of messages exchanged about ideas you would like to expand upon. The 3rd house also rules communication (reading, writing, public speaking). This may be a time in which you are encouraged to express more of your truth and what you find valuable. If you can, share your personal experiences in recognizing your own self worth as this can inspire those around you to do the same. Use your voice to be a beacon of light, Pisceans.